Polaris Inc.

Powertrain Lab Intern

May 2022 – August 2022

Propane and Linearization Procedure Documentation

To satisfy EPA Emissions Regulations, emissions tests must be conducted on all Polaris vehicles. This is done in their chassis dyno room where vehicles are driven in place to measure their emission. Instruments used to measure emissions periodically need to be calibrated in a process called propane and linearization checks. During these checks, known gasses are flowed into the dyno room and measured by the various instruments.

My role was to document the procedures for performing the propane and linearization checks in a technical document following Polaris’s standards and in an easy-to-follow format for new employees to reference. I also cross-checked the propane and linearization procedures performed at Polaris with EPA’s regulations to verify that EPA’s standards were being met.

Photo of an emission test set up (photo sourced from internet)

Engine Dyno Cooling System


  1. Design and assemble a cooling system for dyno testing engines
  2. Must be adaptable to all engine types
  3. Must fit within the dyno testing rooms

Engine Transportation Modules


  1. Design and manufacture a custom modules for holding engines safely during transport